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Tips for Fixing Hardwood Flooring Scratches

Do you have hardwood flooring? If you do, chances are you’ve experienced a hardwood flooring scratch like the rest of us. Hardwood flooring scratches are not fun to deal with especially knowing the price of hardwood flooring in today’s market, however depending on the size of the scratch there might be a few tools around your […]

The Best Flooring for Your Halloween Party

Flooring that Suits Your Party Needs Hosting a Halloween party this year? The basic essentials to hosting a great part include a great location, good drinks, plenty of food, great people, and a reason to celebrate. While Halloween parties can be all fun and games, they can sometimes leave your flooring in bad condition. As […]

Flooring Options for the Kitchen

One type of flooring that often goes overlooked is the Kitchen. The kitchen is where we spend most of our time and it often goes underlooked, as instead of thinking about the flooring, we’re looking to add various types of appliances to it. Kitchen flooring is something to think about though. A great kitchen flooring […]

Home Remodeling Projects that Pay for Themselves

Home remodeling it can be expensive. Adding new flooring, painting, or even just new appliances can sometimes cost an arm and a leg in today’s world. Often times though, if you pick the right improvements you can value and quality back to your house. Flooring and Paint Add Quality to a Home While you might […]

2018 Painting Trends

As a home contractor team that specializes in painting and flooring, we often get asked for suggestions on “what’s cool”. Now that’s a hard question to answer since everyone has their own preferences and thoughts, however, there are some common trends that we have seen this year. 2018 A Year in Painting Trends Painting trends, […]