We are in the middle of the cold days of Winter and chances are that you are stuck inside in your home bundled up with your family and animals. Chances are with kids running around and people spending more time than usual inside, something is going to get damaged. Stuff like this always happens though, so you shouldn’t worry. People get cooked up and want to go outside, which leads to some craziness inside the house.

If this has happened to you and you noticed your floors are starting to get destroyed, here are some ideas on how to fix it:

  • Clean Stains Up Right Away – If not cleaned up right away, stains can often lead to stains and leave an ugly mess. That’s why it’s important to clean them up right away.
  • Blot don’t Rub – When cleaning spills and messes, rubbing the carpet can to the stains being pressed into the carpet. Blotting is better as it doesn’t cause the mess to spread or stick right away.
  • Set the Vaccum Upright – Don’t push the vacuum into the ground or go into it at an angle, when vacuuming up dirt. Doing either could cause the brushes of the vacuum to break and the carpet to not be cleaned.
  • Before You Wet Mop, Dust Mop – If you feel like it’s time to clean hardwood floor, use the dust mop before mopping. Mopping  over dirt or stains can lead to it sticking to the floor.
  • Consult with Your Flooring Installer – Something that often happens is that you’re treating your flooring wrong. By calling a flooring installer he can give you the best advice on how to treat your current floors.

Looking for flooring help?

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