Do you have hardwood flooring? If you do, chances are you’ve experienced a hardwood flooring scratch like the rest of us. Hardwood flooring scratches are not fun to deal with especially knowing the price of hardwood flooring in today’s market, however depending on the size of the scratch there might be a few tools around your place of residence that you can use to help you get rid of the scratch.

Hardwood Flooring Scratch Removal

Depending on the size of the damage and scratch to the hardwood floor here are a few tips to fix your hardwoods.

  • For small scratches: Often times, small scratches and small hardwood blemishes can be fixed by simply rubbing steel wool over the scratch. These materials will even up the scratch and simply rub them out.
  • For medium sized scratches: Try using sandpaper and a sander. Just like steel wool, a sander can often be sanded out. This will allow you to cover up the scratch and allow you to sand it out.
  • For Large sized scratches: For large scratches we recommend using wood filler to fill in the holes of the scratches and then smoothing it over with a sander to wipe away any dust.

Again we recommend with any scratch that you contact professionals.

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